Big opportunities, big ideas.

Discover the Helmholtz Horizons Symposium, an annual event showcasing our world-leading scientists and their research addressing the major challenges and questions of our time.

Horizons 2019: Climate Change – From Knowledge to Action

The impacts of climate change are devastating - but how do we move from knowledge to action? At Helmholtz Horizons 2019 scientists presented their innovative research and bold vision to tackle the greatest challenge of out time.

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Horizons 2018: The Digital (R)evolution in Science

<p>Modern science would be practically unthinkable without the analysis of large volumes of data. New developments in the fields of digital data processing and complex data analysis are opening up exciting new opportunities for data-based research. Helmholtz Horizons 2018 showcased cutting-edge research that addresses this topic from the perspective of different Helmholtz Research Fields.</p><p></p>

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