What are the main challenges of our times and what contribution can science make to solve them? It is the mission of the Helmholtz Association to answer these questions by combining cutting-edge research and outstanding technology. The Helmholtz Horizons Symposium, hosted by the President of the Association, highlights scientific breakthroughs of Helmholtz Association’s established researchers.  Beyond that it showcases the Association’s talented early career researchers, from doctoral candidates to junior research group leaders. Helmholtz Horizons 2018 was held in Berlin on 6 November 2018. and was attended by a group of impactful people from across international research and science policy communities. A stimulating environment of brilliant and curious minds and groundbreaking content.


Helmholtz Horizons 2018 was held in Berlin on 6 November 2018 and was attended by participants from across international research and science policy communities. It stimulated scientific exchange between Helmholtz researchers and the relevant national and international science communities, e.g. editors of scientific journals, research managers, and science policy experts. If you want to learn more about the event please mail to event(at)helmholtz.de.


8:30 AM Network & breakfast

10:00 AM Welcome and Keynote

Greetings Otmar D. Wiestler (President Helmholtz Association)
Keynote Gesche Joost (Universität der Künste): Digital Sovereignty for Citizens – a European perspective?

10:25 AM Session I

Fabian Theis: Learning cell lineages using artificial intelligence
Katharina Behr: From the vacuum to big data – and back
Thomas Jung: The Digitial (R)Evolution: Opportunities and Challenges for Earth System Modelling

11:25 AM Coffee break

11:40 AM Session II

Vera Schlindwein: Imaging the growth of oceanic plates
Jean Braun: Mountain Landscapes and Climate: combining big data and computer models to understand Earth’s surface evolution under a dynamic climate
Xiaoxiang Zhu: Artificial intelligence and data science in earth observation

12:40 PM Helmholtz Doctoral Prize Ceremony

12:50 PM Lunch & Digital Poster Session

2:00 PM Session III

Michael Bussmann: The soap box car approach – A new kind of particle accelerator for cancer therapy
Donghwa Kang: KCDC – the KASCADE Cosmic Ray Data Centre and its Development to a Global Analysis and Data Centre in Astroparticle Physics
Henry Chapman: Imaging the molecules of life with X-ray lasers
Ali Sunyaev: The Future is Digital: The Transformative Value of Blockchain for Science

3:00 PM Coffee break & Digital Poster Session

3:30 PM Session IV and Keynote

Simon Eickhoff: Digital mind reading: What brain scans can reveal about a person
Christin Sünkel: Single Cells in Time and Space
Tommaso Calarco: Building the second quantum revolution
Keynote Obi Felten (Google X): Solving problems that matter: Insights from X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory

5:05 PM Helmholtz Start-Up Pitch: Simutence, Kinfinity, ReSens+ Space

5:25 PM Closing Remarks

5:30 PM Reception with Live-Music at the Club within the Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz

Conference Chair

Désirée Duray (International presenter, tv and event host)

Berlin Science Week

Helmholtz Horizons participates in the Berlin Science Week from 1-10 November 2018.