The Digital (R)evolution in Science


About Helmholtz Horizons

Our society is facing major challenges but also huge opportunities. We at Helmholtz combine cutting-edge research and outstanding technology in order to meet these challenges to shape a better future. The Helmholtz Horizons Symposium, hosted by the President of the Association, highlights scientific breakthroughs of Helmholtz’s established researchers, showcases our talented early career researchers, and gives a platform to the entrepreneurs and innovators, who ensure that our research has societal impact. This year’s overarching theme is 'The Digital (R)Evolution in Science'.

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Discover the Digital (R)Evolution in Science

Modern science would be practically unthinkable without the analysis of large volumes of data. New developments in the fields of digital data processing and complex data analysis are opening up exciting new opportunities for data-based research. This rapidly developing field is one of the biggest challenges for the science system and thus also for the Helmholtz Association. Helmholtz Horizons 2018 showcases cutting-edge research that addresses this topic from the perspective of different Helmholtz Research Fields.

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Otmar D. Wiestler

"Meet the rising stars at Helmholtz. And experience first-hand how they will shape a better future with their passion and curiosity – for all of us.”