Helmholtz Horizons 2019

Climate Change – From Knowledge to Action

Extreme weather systems, rising sea levels, changes in ocean geo- and biochemistry, species extinction, poor air quality; the devastating impacts of climate change caused by increased levels of atmospheric CO2 are already being felt by ecosystems and societies across the planet. Now, rapid, coordinated and wide-scale action is urgently needed if complete global climate breakdown is to be avoided. But how do we move from knowledge to action?

At Helmholtz Horizons 2019 our scientists presented their innovative research and bold visions, stimulating exchange and debate to tackle the greatest challenge of our time.

Speakers 2019

Manuel Spannagl


Judith Hauck


André Thess


Sabine Attinger

Richard Bamler

Doctor of Engineering

Anja Rädler


Eduardo Zorita


Daniela Jacob

Environmental Scientist

Ed Gerstner


Hugues Lantuit


Erika von Mutius

Pediatrician & Allergologist

Helmholtz Doctoral Prize

Each year, the Helmholtz Doctoral Prize is awarded to six young scientists for their outstanding doctoral theses. The prize aims to support talented researchers at an early stage of their career and wants to encourage them to continue working in research. The Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2019 was awarded at the Helmhotz Horizons Event.

All doctoral prize winners since 2013: www.helmholtz.de/doctoralprize