Vera Schlindwein

Her Work

Vera Schlindwein’s main work areas are in the remote polar oceans where recording earthquakes constitutes a logistic challenge. Here, the slowest spreading mid-ocean ridges on Earth with very little magma supply create an unusual ocean floor that challenges our understanding of sea floor spreading. Her main expertise is in polar and marine seismology. Her research group MOVE, Mid-ocean Volcanoes and Earthquakes, analyses seismicity in form of very small earthquake to understand how new ocean floor is being created at mid-ocean ridges and how it deforms and supports deep sea life.

About Vera

Vera Schlindwein is a geophysicist working at the Alfred Wegener Institute, the Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research. After an ERC Marie Curie Fellowship at the University to Durham she returned to the AWI and successfully applied for an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group which she led from 2006-2017 taking also family time during that period.

Her Talk

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