Sabine Attinger

Her Work

Her current research focuses on spatially distributed predictive environmental multi-scale models, their parameterization and the estimation of impact of uncertainties on model predictions. She works together with other scientist to predict future impacts of hydro-meteorological extremes on socio-economical relevant sectors (water supply, agriculture, urban spaces). She coordinates UFZ activities related to monitoring and observing terrestrial systems either on the long term (eLTER, TERENO) or the event based time line (MOSES). She is member of the steering board of the „Center for Advanced System Understanding CASUS“, a centre for digital interdisciplinary systems research in Germany, Görlitz. CASUS combines methods from mathematics, systems theory, data science and scientific computing at a single location, to rethink data-intensive systems research across individual disciplines. Furthermore, she contributes actively to the „Helmholtz Information and Data Science Incubator“ as well as the Helmholtz „Digitalisation in Science Strategy“. Applying and developing Data Science relevant methods as well as Research Data Management strategies are also topics of her daily scientific life. Besides others, she is member of the Helmholtz working group for scientific digitalisation within the Helmholtz association which steers current and future activities of eight Helmholtz centres within the newly developed Helmholtz scientific digitalisation strategy.

About Sabine

The theoretical physicist heads the Research Unit „Smart Models and Monitoring“ and the department „Computational Hydrosystems“ at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research GmbH – UFZ. She is also Professor of „Mathematical Modeling“ at the Institute of Environmental Science and Geography at the University of Potsdam. Next to this, Prof. Attinger heads and contributes to several scientific DFG and BMBF projects. Since 2014, she has been spokesperson for the topic "From Observations to Predictions" in the Helmholtz research program "Terrestrial Environment".  The SEU Award (ETH Zurich), the UFZ Research Award, being Steering committee member of e.g. the Helmholtz “Advanced Earth System Modeling” Initiative as well as being member of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Incubator and partner in several Incubator projects belong beneath others to her scientific honors and professional activities during the last years.

Her Talk

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