Ed Gerstner

His work

Ed Gerstner works at the world-leading research publisher Springer Nature, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of policy and strategy. He is also the chair of Springer Nature's Grand Challenges Steering Group, whose task it is to coordinate and enhance the company's support of research and researchers who are seeking solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Before he moved into these roles, he spent several years in China, where he helped establish Nature’s first China office. During this time, he learnt as much as possible about the science being done in the region, and helped scientists improve the impact of their research by advocating greater openness and transparency.

About Ed

Ed studied physics in Sydney, Australia before completing several years of postdoctoral research at the universities of Cambridge, Sydney, and Surrey. After two years hosting and producing a live weekly science radio show, he moved to Springer Nature. He now has over 16 years of editorial and publishing experience, having worked on a number of different journals within the Nature journal portfolio. He lived and worked in China for several years during which he travelled extensively across Asia. He now lives in London.  

His Talk

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