Anja T. Rädler

Her Work

Anja T. Rädler is a meteorologist who’s research is driven by the question how climate change affects severe weather events. During her phd, she worked at Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research department and at the European Severe Storms Laboratory (ESSL) to investigate the changes in the risk of severe convective storms and its associated hazards with regards to climate change. She can now benefit from her experience for the development of risk models for tropical cyclones in the Geo Risks department of Munich Re.

About Anja

Anja has studied physics plus meteorology at LMU in Munich. During her studies, she gathered practical experience and insides at DLR, and at BOM in Melbourne, Australia. Her phd thesis entitled “Modeling of severe convective storm hazard occurrence, taking convective initiation explicitly into account” was embedded in a BMBF funded cooperation project between the ESSL, Munich Re and DLR. 

Her Talk

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