Obi Felten

Her Work

Obi Felten works at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory: the team behind projects like self-driving cars, delivery drones and internet from balloons. She is responsible for getting early stage X projects from the lab into the real world, or ensuring they fail fast. Previously she was Director of Consumer Marketing for Google EMEA. Before Google, Obi launched the ecommerce business of a major UK retailer, worked as a strategy consultant and led's expansion to Germany during the first dotcom boom.

About Obi

Obi is a startup mentor and angel investor, focusing on women founders. She set up Campus, a Google-funded space for tech entrepreneurs in London. She is on the board of Springer Nature, a world leading research, educational and professional publisher. She is also on the board of Picasso Labs, a tech startup offering real-time image analytics based on machine learning algorithms, and on the board of Shift, a charity designing products to address social problems such as youth mental health. Obi Felten grew up in Berlin, studied philosophy and psychology at Oxford University, and lives in San Francisco with her husband and young children.

Her Talk

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