Michael Bussmann

His Work

Michael Bussmann is a strong advocate for establishing new computing methods in the management and analysis of data in research, supporting young talents at working at the interface between physics and computer science, and opening science by using open data and software. His interest in explaining his measurements and the lack of suitable theoretical explanations for them led him to use large-scale computer simulations of plasmas. This brought him to HZDR where he further pursued studying of advanced particle accelerator technologies using high performance computing and large-scale data analysis. Michael's work focuses on new uses of high power lasers to foster a new aera of compact, plasma-based particle accelerators for applications such as cancer radiation therapy.

About Michael

Michael Bussmann is a theoretical plasma physicist at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR). After graduating from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich he finished his PhD in experimental physics on ultracold ion beams and strongly coupled plasmas.

His Talk

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