Katharina Behr

Her Work

Katharina Behr is a particle physicist studying the structure of the vacuum in the large amounts of data collected by the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle collider built to date. A particular focus of her work is to understand how the vacuum structure affects the evolution of our universe since the Big Bang.She also studies novel, multivariate techniques that will be crucial for the efficient reconstruction of charged-particle tracks within the ATLAS detector at the upcoming high-intensity operation of the LHC. She is particularly curious to explore synergies between particle reconstruction in detectors at high-energy colliders and pattern recognition challenges in medical imaging, which also relies increasingly on machine-learning based approaches.

About Katharina

Katharina Behr is currently a postdoctoral fellow at DESY, Hamburg, funded via a Helmholtz postdoctoral grant. She completed her PhD in Particle Physics at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, following an undergraduate degree in physics at the LMU Munich.

Her Talk

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